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Giving Tree Eligibility

Disabled Senior Adults and Families residing in Owasso and Collinsville School Districts with children ages 0-17 can register ­­­­for the annual “Giving Tree.” Eligibility will be determined upon registering, based on income.


Please bring ALL of the following items when registering:

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of Residency (Utility Bill, etc.)
  • Birth Certificate/Court Documents if Guardian (for all children being registered)
  • ALL Proof of Income MUST be disclosed:

*Food Stamp card                        *WIC folder                                  *Current pay stub

*Most current pay stub                *Social security statement           *Unemployment

*TANF TW2/3                             *Disability letter or proof of deposit


Items not provided will result in a slower registration or declined assistance. If you have no income, you must then provide a legal document (notarized) from one of the following: DHS, Social Worker, New Employer, Social Security, Termination Letter, or letter from friend/family assisting you financially that is then notarized.


If you have questions, please call OCR at 918-272-4969.